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Company Name Suggestion

What's in a name ?
"Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose" - A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" - William Shakespeare's. Unfortunately it cannot be applied for the name you give your business or brand. Your business name is how you will be recognized in the industry, how your customer will see you, and yes it'll be the name you put on your Business Cards.

It really matters what your Company name is. It all about choosing the right name.

The naming process is an important part in the development of each business idea. iMedia has helped start-ups, entrepreneurs, companies to find a perfect name for their business idea / products / online website.

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best International LOGO DESIGNER
best International LOGO DESIGNER
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best International LOGO DESIGNER
best International LOGO DESIGNER

And about a few more hundred...
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iMedia offers naming service in multiple languages
Some brand / company / product Names, we have worked upon RECENTLY
Vedangas Education
Samira Buildcon
(Real Estate)
(Frozen Food)
The Mint Room
Marvy Granites
Seashell Platter
Athena World School
Falcon Packaging
(IT Company)
Aqua Excel
(cPVC Pipes)
Primax Healthcare
Amaya Seafood
Country Fresh
(Dairy Products)
(Electrical Items)
(Astro Services)
(Mustard Oil)
Stone Candy
Break O Fast

iMedia Naming Wokflow : 9 steps
While each project is slightly different, here is the basic 9 step naming framework we work from.

Kick Start Team briefed about the company, its products & potential target market.
Emotional / Theme Flow Diagram
Number of names are generated manually considering the following points: Length, Expression, Alphabet, Pronunciation, Spelling, Conflicts, Industry Match, Longevity, Uniqueness, Retention, Domain name availability.
Initial sort & search:
Developing lots of names
Names sorting, Developing lots of names
Initial Name List:
Yes, Developing lots of names
Initial name list ready. Send to client review to narrow down number of names so, along with roots, tones, themes, written for further exploration.
Checking & regeneration:
Oh Yes, Developing lots of names
Sort listed names are checked more closely for registered and common law trademark usage.
Sorted naming:
Group Sorting & Individual Sorting
Sorted names presented with comprehensive checks, further sorting of names.
Final name checks
Selected 3 final names are sent to your legal counsel for trademark .
Final name selection All reports are presented and reviewed, and naming team selects final name.
New name process and launch iMedia provides recommendation on how to use and launch the new name once approved by your legal counsel.

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TradeMark Registration

Brand Name Generator, Suggestions & Ideas
Our unique business name service has multiple regional languages including English, Sanskrit, Urdu, Hinlish, Hindi, French, Latin Greek words. We are name generators, and has generate thousands of business names in past few years.

TradeMark Registration
If you're starting a new business, a logo or a brand name or symbol ‘marka’ is the first thing you choose to separate yourself from the rest. A "Trademark" is that symbol you will use to do so.
Registering a Trademark is a legal process provided for under the Trade Marks Act, 1999. It acts as a resource and information centre and is a facilitator in matters relating to trade marks in the country. The objective of the Trade Marks Act, 1999 is to register trademarks applied for in the country and to provide for better protection of trade mark for goods and services and also to prevent fraudulent use of the mark.

Types of Trademarks available
• Names, including your own name or surname.
• An invented word or any arbitrary dictionary word or words.
• Letters or numerals or any combination.
• Symbols
• Monograms
• Colour(s) in combination with a word or device
• Shape of goods or their packaging
• Marks constituting a 3-dimensional sign
• Sound marks when represented in conventional notation

How to get your Trademark Registered ?
Step 1: A Trademark application has to be filed before the Registrar of Trade Marks. It should be filed at the office of the Trade Marks Registry.

Step 2: An application can be filed by the proprietor of the business for use by the proprietor or his business. You can file either in the name of the proprietor or in the name of the business.

Step 3: While applying for the Trade Mark Registration, the proprietor has to define the class under which he wants his product / service to be classified. The classification has to be done according to Schedule 4 of the Trade Marks Rules, 2002

Step 4: Finally, once the work is done, you need to pay the fees associated with the Trademark.

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Fresh company name ideas by 'Sushant & Vijaya'
iMedia as an experienced consultants who can help with your company name / brand name?
Getting names that can be Trademarked, Creative Juicy Names for Brand launch or DOT COM names for online e-commerce shops?  Or specialist service of Company / Brand name suggestion as per Numerology / Horoscope analysis. The naming is a highly creative process and requires lot of new inputs, research and alternatives. iMedia naming team offers well researched - filtered out, handpicked brand & company names.

iMedia naming team specialize in almost every business vertical like Consumer, Food, Fashion, Retail, Online Store, Financial, Real Estate, Insurance, Construction, Telecom, Industrial, Engineering, Sports, Education, Non Profit, Medical, Healthcare, Biotech, Technical, Scientific, Software.

Naming service offered in following languages

English Hindi Latin Greek French

The Naming Science
Linguistics is the science of languages. And since all names are language based, it is also the science behind naming. Phonetics is the science of the spoken word, and therefore also very important to naming. Onomastics or onomatology is the study of proper names of all kinds and the origins of names. Etymology is the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history.

A professional linguist is of great help when it comes to sorting these items out for your company name! Plus they can check the full etymology (root origins) as well as make sure you are not accidentally offending someone or some culture in a foreign language.

Below are some naming styles, which iMedia works upon.

Descriptive Burger King, Indian Oil
Traditional Apollo Tyres, United Airlines, Oracle
Family Name Tata, Dell, Bharti, Kellogs, Disney, Godrej, Jindal Steel
Abstract Rolex, Avis
Classical Alta Vista, Lycos, Titan
Coined- abstract Pepsi, Sony, Lupin
Coined – descript Motorola, Compaq, Accenture
Coined – classical Pentium, Centrino
Tonal Google, Nvidia, Volvo, Oreo
Abbreviation SBI, AOL, AMD,
Truncation Cisco, Intel, FedEx
Joined UltraTech, Microsoft, Dreamworks
Foreign Britannia, Lancome, Nintendo, Fritos
Geographic Tivoli, Amazon, eBay
Object Jaguar, Lotus, Mustang
Color BlueFish, YellowDoor, RedChilli
Playful Yahoo, Pringles
Verb/Adjective Sprint, Always, Go, About
Numeric 3Com, Chabra555, Bank One
Futuristic Quark, Panasonic, Infiniti
Character Dr. Lal Path Lab, SRK, Starbucks

Naming Triva
Just for fun & to increase your knowledge about company names and their origin:

Name Origin
Motorola From Motor and Vitrola – since they originally made car radios.
Xerox An abbreviation of the word xerography – their underlying original technology
eBay Official story now differs, but we still think it was from the strong East Bay connotations. For years their logo was even in the same colors as East Bay Transit Authority.
Volkswagen Literally "the people's car" – a term supposedly coined by Adolf Hitler.
Nike Round about evolution from Phil Knight – the founder – as proposed by one of his employees. The name was drawn out of a hat full of other submissions. That particular employee apparently awoke in middle of the night and said it had to be Nike – Greek for Victory.
Hitachi The two characters used to write it mean "sun" + "stand." By extension, it also could be translated "land of the rising sun."
Google A variation on the mathematical term googol – a very, very, very big number.
Sony Not a Japanese word at all. From the Latin sonnus for sound and the English word sonny – my little boy.
Cisco Named after San Francisco. Ever notice the logo is half a Golden Gate Bridge (cut lengthwise)?
Apple One day, when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were working on the startup of their new little computer company, Jobs told his staff (apparently in some frustration), "If you don't come up with a name by 5 o'clock I am calling it Apple". And so it was until they launched their Mac line – as they had an agreement with Apple Records to never use the name for music. The legal case went to High Court in London where Apple lost and had to pay a $48 million fine – to keep their own name. They also lost the insurance lawsuit back in USA which cost another $8million or so. Can you afford $54 million to keep your own brand name?
Netscape When Marc Andreesen founded Mosaic Systems he was adamant to keep this name. Unfortunately for him there had already been trademark fights over the name for software usage – right down the street in Silicon Valley no less. Luckily Jim Clark persuaded him to embrace their name of Netscape – a powerful product concept with a powerful name as history has shown.
Pentium When Intel lost the legal battle to own the numbers 386, 486 etc because they had never properly claimed or used them, they switched to their new coined classical style of names. Penta of course is Greek for five. So the next in the series should be the Sexium chips!
Java First the software was called Green, then Oak and finally in a stroke of genius by Kim Polese, while she was at Sun Microsystems, it became Java.
Internet Explorer When Microsoft picked this name they never did their homework. Eventually they settled for $4.8million dollars with SyNET who owned the name originally. Perhaps you should check your product name before launch!
Yahoo From the dictionary ("a slightly crazy cowboy"), when founders were looking for Y names like YACC (Yet Another C Compiler) – a very inside story for Unix hackers.
Oracle Code name of their first big government project.
Chevrolet Ironically, one of America's greatest car companies is named after a man born in Switzerland, who only had a short association with the car company and never lost his French accent.
Tiffany & Co. This famous jewelry brand is not named after a lady, but rather Charles Tiffany, one of the founders. It used to be called Tiffany & Young.

Original Name Present Name
Cosmair L'Oréal
Brad's Drink Pepsi Cola
Backrub Google
AuctionWeb EBay
Bridge Gate Computers Compaq
AT&T GIS NCR (back to their original name)
Tokyo Telecom. Engr. Corp. Sony

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